how it works


All of our pierogie are made by hand, boiled, and flash frozen. We then vacuum seal them for the utmost freshness. They are packed with dry ice pellets into a reusable foam cooler — inside a corrugated shipping box. 


Packaging Fee: $1.50/dozen

Includes all the necessary packaging materials required to ensure proper temperature during shipping.
This fee has already been included into the cost per dozen displayed. 


Production and Shipping

Due to the fact that all our pierogie are made by hand, production time is required when you place an order. We will produce and ship to you in 10 business days.

To ensure quality, freshness and safety — we will send everything either 2 day air or 2 day ground delivery (depending on the final destination). Use code FREESHIP100 on orders over $100 for free shipping! 


Purchasing Options

To ensure you receive the lowest possible cost our pierogie are sold in packs of 12 (one flavor per dozen).

Shipping package choices are 3 dozen, 6 dozen, or 10 dozen of your choosing. 


Gifting Options

We will have gift packages available that offer Pierogie and other items in May of 2018. 

All packages will be sent with easy-to-use cooking instructions. So when sending a gift to someone you can be sure they will enjoy it!